The long pause….

The long pause….

We have received emails and requests on social media to keep the podcast going and we wanted to take a minute to explain our absence.

From Rudi:
I have shared bits of this with some out there but for the rest of the folks, this has been a long difficult year for me. In February of this year my father was diagnosed with skin cancer and needed surgery. To add to the mix he lived alone in South Carolina about four hours away from us. I spent many weekends driving back and forth to take him to dr appointments and then surgery to remove the cancer. His surgery was the week between eMetrics & Omniture Summit this spring. Through all of this it became clear that he was also suffering from dementia. We made the choice to move him from his home of 50 years and move him to Atlanta to an assisted care facility where he could receive the care he deserved. This has taken a toll on the time to devote to the podcast, but things are settling down and he is doing really well here and I’m ready to get back to the recording. Thank you for the support though all of this.

From Adam:
Adding to Rudi’s unmitigatable circumstances, as I have mentioned previously, my time has been consumed over the summer writing a book on Adobe SiteCatalyst.  I am pleased to announce that the book is done and coming out this month.  I am excited that Rudi and I can now get back into podcasting!

….and now back to our program.

We are pleased to announce that when his schedule allows, Justin Cutroni, Analytics Advocate from Google, has graciously agreed to join the podcast as a regular host.  We look forward to Justin jumping into the mix and sharing his experiences and knowledge with us and our listeners.

Thank you

The Beyond Web Analytics team
Rudi Shumpert
Adam Greco
Justin Cutroni


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