Episode 46 – Performable with Christopher O’Donnell

Join Adam and Rudi as they talk with Christopher O’Donnell, Director of Product Development, Performable.  The team explores what exactly it is Performable does and what lead to Performable being created.   The conversation moves into their unique perspective on web analytics and details some of the success that their customers have had.

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Hosts:  Adam GrecoRudi Shumpert
Guests: Christopher O’Donnell

Christopher O’Donnell is a technology products strategist, designer, and evangelist. Prior to joining Performable in Fall of 2010, Christopher managed a team of designers and product managers serving the largest customers in the world: our nation’s various military and intelligence organizations. Simultaneously, Christopher started and drove a content-driven social media marketing effort that today boasts over a million readers. Prior to working in online marketing and product development, Christopher operated a music production business, where he put his B.A. in Music from Brown University to good use.

Music for the podcast was created by Patrick Ferland.


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