Episode 45 – Real-time customer intelligence with Paul Phillips

Join Adam and Rudi as they talk with  Paul Phillips of Causata and real-time customer intelligence.   Paul provides the team with insight on what exactly Causata is and the business problems that they are helping their clients solve.   The conversation explores the real-time customer intelligence, pulling multi-channel data into a single source, and dives into what this means for companies of all sizes.

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Hosts:  Adam GrecoRudi Shumpert
Guests: Paul Phillips

Paul is a serial entrepreneur and pioneer in helping companies to win by becoming more data driven. In 2000 he founded Touch Clarity, a software company that developed the online content targeting platform that was to become the platform of choice for the largest consumer Financial Service companies, including American Express, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America. Following the acquisition of Touch Clarity, Paul worked as VP Test & Target at Omniture Inc. until 2008. Prior to 2000 he was a Managing Director for Urban Science, a retail network planning and database marketing company with an outstanding data mining team that won the KDD Cup twice. Paul maintains a close relationship with the academic community – most recently as part of the Strategic Advisory Council for PASCAL, an initiative for advancing the sharing of knowledge relating to pattern analysis and statistical computational learning.  Paul is currently the CEO and Founder of Causata Inc, an Accel funded company that automates the process of converting disparate customer data into real time customer intelligence.

Music for the podcast was created by Patrick Ferland.


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