Podcast Changes

This has been quite a week for the Beyond Web Analytics Podcast.  Check that… it has been a quite a year for the podcast.  In the past year we have released 41 Episodes that have been downloaded nearly 80,000 times.   And for that we owe a huge thank you to all of our guests and listeners.

As most of you know Gary Angel was gracious enough to step in when our original third host James Dutton  moved to Singapore and the time zone became too difficult.   Gary was instrumental in helping propel the podcast to the success that it has become.   He has always brought an exceptional level of questions, enthusiasm, credibility, and expertise to the podcast.  And for that we will always be eternally grateful for his help.

It is Gary’s level of professionalism that makes this next stage of the podcast a little sad.  Here at Beyond Web Analytics we feel that it is important that we have hosts who are web analytics practitioners (work at a client) so we can share multiple perspectives.  In the past, Adam and I were both client-side, but with us both now being consultants, we feel that having three consultants as hosts on the podcast is not ideal.  Going forward, we plan to have an exciting slate of guest hosts with that client perspective to join our podcast in addition to the amazing guests that we will continue to have.   But that does mean that, at least for now, Gary will no longer be a regular podcast host.  We appreciate all that Gary has done for us and we look forward to watching the exciting things that Gary and his team will be involved in the digital measurement space.

Thank you Gary!

The Beyond Web Analytics Podcast!

Rudi Shumpert
Adam Greco


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