Episode 40 – Shaking the baby with Evan Lapointe

Join Evan Lapointe  and the Beyond Web Analytics team as they talk about some of his more controversial and thought provoking blog posts.  The conversation explores these posts and then delves into his wheel house and gets to talking about his SEM SEO skills.   The fun does not stop there as the group also talks though the Web Analytics Association,  the new code of ethics, advocacy, and the WAA certification.

So download this podcast to your favorite mobile device or listen to the podcast here! If you have any comments or questions for the podcast, please use the comment section below.

Hosts:  Adam GrecoRudi ShumpertGary Angel
Guest Host:  Evan Lapointe

Evan is the VP, director of Client Performance at search discovery.  He started his career in finance, doing valuation and analysis on publicly traded companies. Came back over to the web in 2005 at 360i, managing their analytics department. wrote his first web site at age 15, sold his first site at 17, always loved every part of it, and he still builds some sites on the side today for fun.

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