Episode 39 – KissMetrics with Hiten Shah

In this episode the Beyond Web Analytics team talks with Hiten Shah of KissMetrics fame.  The team talks about the creation of KissMetrics, the process that has led to their success, and what the future holds for them and our industry.  The conversation also explores how KissMetrics has grown their huge following on twitter and how they manage their social media efforts.

So download this podcast to your favorite mobile device or listen to the podcast here! If you have any comments or questions for the podcast, please use the comment section below.

Hosts:  Adam GrecoRudi Shumpert, Gary Angel
Guest Host:  Hiten Shah

Hiten started on the Internet by founding a Internet marketing consultancy, ACS. He then went on to create Crazy Egg, an analytics tool that visualizes the user experience on a website. Now with KISSmetrics he is building a data driven solution for online businesses. Hiten is passionate about helping other entrepreneurs and startup people.

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