Episode 34 – Analysis Exchange with Jason Thompson, Paul Young, & Todd Bullivant

In this episode the Beyond Web Analytics team talks with the client, mentor, and student of a recent Analysis Exchange project with Charity Water to find out about their respective experiences with the project.  The conversation covers how each member found out about the Analysis Exchange, how the process worked in registering for the project, the work performed on the project, and how the work was received by the client.  So listen to the podcast and hear for yourself about the great work being done as part of the Analysis Exchange.

Hosts: Adam GrecoRudi Shumpert

Guests: Jason Thompson, Paul Young, Todd Bullivant

Jason Thompson – Consultant with Numeric Analytics.
Paull Young  Director of Digital –  Charity: Water /
Todd Bullivant –  Sr. Communications Technology Specialist – Mondial Assistance

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To signup at the analysis exchange:
Note: The sound clips used in this podcast were used under license.
Burnkit2600CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

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