Episode 25: Evaluating Web Analytics Vendors with Joe Stanhope

In this episode, the Beyond Web Analytics team talks with Joe Stanhope, Senior Analyst with Forrester Research about evaluating web analytics vendors.   The conversation covers the steps and methodology used to evaluate the vendors,  selection process of the vendors to be tested, and the clients role in  the evaluation.

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Hosts: Adam GrecoRudi ShumpertGary Angel
Guest Host: Joe Stanhope

Joe Stanhope is a Senior Analyst with Forrester Research Joe serves Customer Intelligence professionals. He is a leading expert on Web analytics, online testing and targeting, and Web site optimization technologies. His research focuses on the generation and application of marketing intelligence from interactive channels to deliver highly relevant and engaging online and multichannel customer experiences.

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Note: The sound clips used in this podcast were used under license.
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One Comment

  • Mario Casarano
    Posted 13 July, 2010 at 3:49 pm | Permalink

    thank you for this and other podcasts of beyond web analytics.

    Very interesting and I like the topics and that in every podcasts you invite a guest.

    In this podcasts I could learn about the Forrester Web Analytics Wave. I am from Germany and only read in blogs about „CMS Watch“ or an german comparision called „Einkaufsführer Web Analytics“, so very interesting to know about the wave Report.

    I have seen on the Forrester Website the last Wave (Q3 2009) with 8 Vendors. I like it, that you choose only 8 and get in Detail for those.

    Best regards from Hamburg

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