Episode 48 – Implementation Tips with Jenn Kunz

Join Adam and Rudi as they talk with Jenn Kunz, Implementation Consultant with Keystone Solutions, as they talk about analytics implementation tips, tricks, and some common pitfalls.  The group drills into things that signal a good or a bad implementation, the mystery of form analysis, and much more.

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Hosts:  Adam GrecoRudi Shumpert
Guests:  Jenn Kunz

Jenn is an Implementation Consultant with the Technology Solutions Group at Keystone Solutions. With a background in web development and design, she began her analytics career in Consulting Services at Omniture in 2006, working primarily on the Financial Services team. Over the years, her repertoire expanded to include Searchcenter, Genesis, Test&Target1:1, Rich Media, and Javascript Tag Management. She spent the last few years as an independent contractor, focusing on email marketing analysis and data integration. She has served as a mentor for the Analysis Exchange, creating a (free) custom JavaScript solution to track outgoing links automatically in Google Analytics.

She blogs at and and is an active member of the twitter #measure community as “jenn_kunz

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Music for the podcast was created by Patrick Ferland.


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  • Posted 4 August, 2011 at 6:06 am | Permalink

    The comments Jenn offer are superb. I particularly liked her statement on “I want to track…” and twisting it to “I want to test…” “I want to compare…” It’s very insightful for encouraging the client to think more broadly than just tracking, to get to the heart of why a measurement should take place.

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