Episode 42 – Live at eMetrics !

Join Adam and Rudi as they talk to speakers and other attendees at the recent eMetrics out in San Francisco.  Hear directly from our guests about the key takeaways from the conference, reasons you should attend, and even some prognostications about the future of our industry.

So download this podcast to your favorite mobile device or listen to the podcast here! If you have any comments or questions for the podcast, please use the comment section below.

Hosts:  Adam GrecoRudi Shumpert
Guests: (in order of appearance )

Tom Davenport
June Dershewitz
Corry Prohens
Emer Kirane
Eric Feinberg and Larry Freed
Carlos del Rio
Judah Phillips and Tim Wilson
Peter Sanborn

After you listen to the podcast check out our “Man on the street video”

Music for the podcast was created by Patrick Ferland.


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    For those of you need the Regex: ^\s*[^\s]+(\s+[^\s]+){1,2}\s*$

    That returns 2 and 3 word phrases.

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