Episode 37 – 2010 in review and thoughts on 2011 with Joe Stanhope

In this episode the Beyond Web Analytics team talks with Joe Stanhope, of Forrester Research, about the events of 2010.  The conversation covers mergers, events, and inovations throughout 2010, and then moves to hopes and dreams for the measure industry for 2011.

Hosts: Adam GrecoRudi ShumpertGary Angel

Guest Host:   Joe Stanhope

Joe Stanhope is a Senior Analyst with Forrester Research Joe serves Customer Intelligence professionals. He is a leading expert on Web analytics, online testing and targeting, and Web site optimization technologies. His research focuses on the generation and application of marketing intelligence from interactive channels to deliver highly relevant and engaging online and multichannel customer experiences.

Note: The sound clips used in this podcast were used under license.
Burnkit2600CC BY-NC-SA 3.0



  • DB-NJ
    Posted 2 January, 2011 at 10:38 pm | Permalink

    Enjoyed the show guys. Question – Gary mentioned companies making advances in analytics data warehousing and rattled off a few vendor names – aster, quantivo and something that sounded like netteaser(??). What was that third name? Searched for near-spellings but wasn’t finding anything. By the way, I reached out and started a conversation with Quantivo based on your previous broadcast. However they have decided to focus specifically on retailers (which I’m not), so am looking for a similar type of vendor – any thoughts?

    Great show, very worthwhile, very enjoyable.


  • Posted 3 January, 2011 at 7:34 am | Permalink

    I think the company you are looking for is


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